Lisa (weasleytook) wrote,

trope bingo round 2... oh shit dude.

So I decided to sign-up for Round 2 of Trope Bingo, ahahahaha. Thankfully I got amnesty on Round 1 because I did write two fics back in January, but as you may know, my life took a crap the first weekend in February and injuries and illnesses kept me from being able to write.

Anyway, I'm better now so I thought I'd give it a go for the second round and hopefully nothing will stop me this time. I'm a big nervous about this card, but I think I can manage at least one line of bingo. EEP. This entry is basically just a place for me to refer back to my card easily, so hi.

friends to lovers / friends with benefits immortality / reincarnation virginfic epistolary au: fusion
slavefic fake relationship rivals to lovers sex pollen au: fairy tale / myth
forbidden fruit au: alternate gender norms FREE

chosen family hurt / comfort
food porn matchmaker secret twin / doppelganger meet the parents / family fuck or die
au: other metafiction au: college / highschool soul bonding / soulmates indecent proposal
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