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Dear Yuletide Writer - the 2012 edition!

Dearest Yuletide Author,

Hello! Happy Yuletide to you, whoever you are! First off, I want to say thank you in advance for participating in Yuletide and for writing me a fic. I know how much time, energy and heart gets put into Yuletide writing every year and I appreciate that you are doing that for lil' ol' me. You = awesome.

The good news is that I think I'm fairly easy to please (though my friends might disagree). I have a few likes and dislikes (which are in this post), but I'm honestly not incredibly picky! I'll be thrilled just to have a fic in one of these fandoms. THRILLED!

So, on to fandoms & more -- in no particular order --

H A M M & B U B L E

Characters Requested: Jon Hamm, Michael Buble

Because it is always worth a rewatch, just click here. (Or on Youtube if Hulu doesn't work for you.)

This. Is. A. Great. Sketch. Two handsome talented guys with an overabundance of charisma. Perfection. I think I would be happy with almost any kind of fic for this sketch. And for something that is less than 4 minutes long, I think there's a lot that can come from it. You could write about the night they met and Jon Hamm conceived the idea for a pork and champagne restaurant. You could write about the day-to-day management of the restaurant. You could write about how Michael Buble makes a daring escape from Jon Hamm's evil clutches. You could write about how eventually Michael and Jon become friends and learn to compromise. YOU COULD WRITE NONE OF THOSE THINGS AND WRITE ANYTHING YOU WANT! Honestly, I'll be thrilled! I'm not necessarily looking for slash here, so don't worry about that. If you want to take it in that direction, that's fine as well. Just no non-consensual fic, please.


Characters Requested: Olivia Pope, David Rosen

I have to admit that I did not expect to like this show as much as I currently do, but damn, it's good. And part of what makes it so good is these two characters. I love their whole "my white hat is bigger than your white hat" dynamic, and how they are both trying to do the right thing but they have completely different ways of going about it. He lives by the letter of the law, and Olivia lives by the idea of doing whatever it takes to help your client and it's GREAT. They have a friendship, but they're always coming up against each other and I looooooove it. I'd be happy with anything for these two, whether it's pre-series fic or casefic or future fic or maybe David ends up working with her and the gladiators because he loses his job or ANYTHING REALLY. I do ship them romantically, but if you don't, that's cool and I'll be happy with friendship or frenemies or any other kind of antics with them. And though I only requested those two characters, I do like the rest of the cast so feel free to include whoever is necessary to your storytelling in it. The only thing I really don't want is Olivia/Fitz romance. I think the actors have great chemistry but I find their relationship pretty skeevy and I think Fitz is a creep, so, there's that.

N O . O R D I N A R Y . F A M I L Y

Characters Requested: JJ Powell, Katie Andrews

Just about 2 years ago, my first Yuletide, I was matched to someone on this fandom with these characters (and bless them, because it was someone who shipped them too). I was thrilled to write fic for it and for them in particular. It was the first ever fic written for that pairing. Good times.

Then the show got canceled in the spring and everyone essentially forgot it existed. My fic remains the one and ONLY fic ever written for this ship. In a way, that's sort of a cool thing to have as a fanfic writer. But, ultimately, I cannot re-read my own fic every year for the rest of my life to sustain my feelings about these two. So I'm throwing this out there in the hopes that someone will pick it up, and that someone still remembers the show! (If you need a refresher course, I do believe it's on Netflix streaming for people in the US. And it is on DVD.) I absolutely understand if you want to write gen for them, since it is kind of an out there ship, and will enjoy whatever you write no matter what it is. So if you want to write about them being friends, or co-brainiac geniuses or whatever - that's great. But if you want to write them romantically (with JJ aged up to a legal age OF COURSE), then that's equally great! The show ended with all sorts of cliffhangers (Katie had a super baby? What? George has super powers now? What?), so that's some things to deal with. I'd like Katie's creeper babydaddy out of the picture if at all possible. I'm sitting here trying to come up with any specific prompts but all I can think is: OMG ANYTHING REALLY OKAY ANYTHING. Because this really is a rare fandom and I don't foresee a lot of people writing for it through the rest of my life time so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanything.

A C R O S S . T H E . U N I V E R S E - B E T H . R E V I S

Characters Requested: Harley, Kayleigh, Amy

THIS IS NOT THAT MOVIE WITH THE PEOPLE BUTCHERING MY FAVORITE BEATLES' SONGS. (sorry, i know it has a lot of fans, but i'm super bitter)

I'm gonna be honest. I'm totally copying/pasting this from last year's Yuletide letter. I did not include any characters from the second book in the trilogy for a few reasons. Partly because I am really married to reading about one or all of these three characters. And partly because in case you've read the first book but not the second, you're still good to go.

Though if you are my Yuletide author and you somehow (miraculously) matched me on this fandom, you already know that. I was just clarifying for everyone else. Anyway. I have a few thoughts on this one. I'd love to read a fic about Kayleigh, either just a gen character piece that gives more about who she was and what happened to her. Or a Kayleigh/Harley fic about their relationship. I feel like it wasn't a huge part of the book, but it was a compelling part of it so I'd love to read more about them. Also, character studies on Harley or Amy would be just fine as well. Or even something about Amy, perhaps more of what was going on in her mind while she was frozen, or even pre-series stuff about her life on Earth. And though it's nearly impossible to make it work in canon, I would not be opposed to Harley/Amy fic either. So basically ... I WANT SOMETHING. ANYTHING. I'M NOT PICKY. (And it's not that I don't like Elder, I just feel the other characters have so much more story to mine from. So you can include Elder or other characters, of course. I'd just prefer the focus be on at least one of the three requested people. Yay!)

L I K E S / D I S L I K E S

Likes: AUs, tropes, crossovers, snark, banter, adventure, awesome people being awesome, ladies who are badasses, superheroes, space, darkfic is fine, so is not-darkfic as long as it isn't like puppies/kittens/rainbows, anything rated G through NC-17 so go wild there if you want, uhh... most things. I am the worst at this.

Dislikes: Non-con or dub-con, mpreg, not really super kinky but I'm also not a prude, so, yeah, I really am the worst at this part.

If you have any questions about specifics or need to know about a thing that I haven't mentioned here, please feel free to send a PM to galfridian and she'll be able to answer any questions for you. :) Also, feel free to stalk my LJ, my Tumblr, my fic journal or my Twitter if you think it will help.

Thanks again and happy Yuletide!
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