Lisa (weasleytook) wrote,

f i r e & i c e : a Revenge ficathon


As the States celebrate Labor Day this weekend, we thought we'd celebrate with a Revenge ficathon to mark the anniversary of the infamous Fire & Ice Ball. This ficathon is open to all characters, pairings, ratings, etc, so the only limit is your own creativity.

1. Prompt anything you like - gen, het, slash, any rating, any character, any pairing - as long it's Revenge!

2. Limit one prompt per comment, please, but leave as many prompts as you like.

3. You may use multiple comments to post your fic, but if the fill goes over 4-5 comments, post it at your LJ or AO3 and then link it here.

4. Prompts and fills with spoilers from season 2 are allowed, but you MUST warn for spoilers. Any prompt or fill without a spoiler warning will be deleted.

5. All fic must include a title, rating, and any appropriate trigger warnings.

6. Be kind, be civil, and have fun.

7. This ficathon will run until the season premiere of Revenge on September 30th!

The wonderful kolms has posted a guide to ficathon etiquette here, so please take a look if you're new to ficathons!

All prompts should look like this:

spoiler warning (if necessary), character/pairing, prompt

All fills should have the following information at the beginning:

title, rating (i.e. G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc.), warnings (including for S2 spoilers) or triggers if applicable


Our thanks to fujiidom for the beautiful banners and for being perfect, as per usual. All banners will post as 500px wide when used to promote.