Lisa (weasleytook) wrote,

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So I guess I should make a real post in here every now and then. Because, you know, LJ is so hopping.


Well, what's going on in my life?


Not much.

Last I wrote in here I was talking about going to Bakersfield for my uncle's surgery and that has passed. He's doing well but has a long recovery ahead of him as the surgery ended up being more extensive than they intially thought. My Uncle from Ohio is coming out at the end of this month and we'll be going back to Bakersfield to visit the other uncle for a day and then on to Los Angeles for a couple days. So there's that.

Other than that, life is just me driving people places and being boringly domestic and injuring my knee while exercising (I THOUGHT EXERCISE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD FOR YOU) and basically being lost and confused all the time. So. Yay. Hi. I thought this was going to be a longer post, but that's that. Just checking in. Most people here follow me on Twitter which is where you get the daily updates anyway. So. Yep.
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